Branford Hills gets Vaccinated

CVS pharmacists came in to administer the first round of the COVID-19 vaccine. We all received the Pfizer and are excited to get our second round to complete the process of protecting ourselves against COVID.

We have been long anticipating the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine here at Branford Hills. Staff and residents received the first round of the vaccine on December 30th which was provided by CVS pharmacy.

2020 has been a year of hardships and has challenged us to adjust to a new way of living. This vaccine is a stepping stone in the right direction to get our lives back to normal, and that’s all we’ve been hoping for in 2020.

This vaccine came at a time we needed it the most; with over 55,037 COVID-19 cases in Fairfield County alone, 19.4 Million cases in the U.S. and over 81.5 Million cases worldwide.

The vaccine works in an extraordinary way, much different than the influenza vaccine we are used to. Instead of injecting parts of the virus into our body, and having our bodies fight against it, the COVID-19 vaccine works by injecting proteins from the outside of the virus. These proteins do not contain the actual virus but our bodies still develop the immunity to fit against it.

Residents were also able to receive the vaccine free of charge from the CVS clinic.

Many of our patients were eager to get the vaccine, including Ben Whittaker, 92, who advocated for the vaccine.

When asked why Whittaker was so eager to take the vaccine, he said,” I want my friends to see that I took it,” in hopes he inspires others to take it as well. We hope Whittaker can help inspire others to take the vaccine

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